Engage a Photographer That Knows When to Engage

When looking for an event photographer you need to know that they understand corporate environments, and your particular corporate culture. It is a balance to engage your clients and guests without being too intrusive. Are you a tech company that is consisted of primarily introverts? Or are you in the construction business with a wide variety of clients and employees that can be overly extroverted and monopolize a photographer? The difference between a person aspiring to be a photographer and a professional photographer will know the difference and engage with your event in the correct way no matter the situation. You must finesse the situation to get the photo without too much intrusion and maintain boundaries while still engaging everyone. When you have paid for a celebrity to attend your event to take photos with your clients the photographer is there to capture them and also politely dissuade onlookers/event staff from jumping in. Coordinating with our clients and their needs ahead of time helps us to ensure that your event is captured the way that represents your brand.